Audio/Visual Team

To meet our church’s mission goals, we must augment and amplify the messages so that people can use all of their senses to focus on God’s Word, in spite of physical, mental and emotional difficulties. To that end, audio, video and computerized systems have been developed to assist members and visitors better see, hear and take part in services, to better understand the message, and to overcome physical limitations. An adjunct goal is to reach out to those who cannot attend church activities and draw people into our church community. Safety, security and convenience have been priorities.

Computerized systems are being used to improve seeing, hearing and understanding the message selected by the worship team and pastor. Projected images amplify and explain, through pictures, words and television, what the pastor and liturgists are saying and preaching. Sound systems bring music and spoken word directly to the congregants as well as to other listening locations. Computerized processes provide easy presentation of pictures and sounds via automated management of images, music and voices. To this end, we utilize three staff teams: the facility team, the development team and the presentation team.

The facility team provides the equipment, siting, cabling, installation and management of the electronic devices, computer software, and interconnections required to operate the church’s systems. The development team includes graphic designers, researchers, editors and artists to create word and picture elements that support our services and events. The presentation team handles audio, video and slide presentation using recorded and real-time methods, operates the television cameras, the audio switching and the music presentation, and records and streams the services and events as required.

A primary goal of the ministry is to be helpful to all congregants and outside users, to be as transparent as possible in amplifying peoples’ experience, without being seen as entertainment, and to better connect people with God and His Word. To that end, we use not only technical experts, but also lay theologians to make certain that what is seen by the hearers and viewers is grounded in the liturgy and theology of the church. An understandable, enjoyable, educational, reverent and holy experience is our desire.

If you are interested in learning more or wish to be a part of this ministry, please contact Aubrey Bates or the main office for more information.