Jim Matz, Interim Organist and Adult Choir Director

The music ministry at Bethel UMC, like any other church, is to glorify God with instruments and voices.  This current and/or proposed ministry consists of:

Adult Choir: A modest-sized adult vocal choir of mixed-voices who rehearses weekly September through May on a Thursday evening at 7:15 PM.  They learn and present a special sacred music selection each Sunday morning at the later-time traditional service during the same months as they rehearse.  There may be a few additional services in which they participate, but they are few in number.  This group also usually prepares and presents a special lengthier musical presentation at one and/or the other of the two main festivals of the Christian year:  Christmas and Easter.  Participation in the group is limited to voices of middle school-aged children through adults who can commit to at least 75% of the pre-service rehearsals.  There are a few social perks during the course of the year which include food and fellowship.  It’s a nice, friendly, pleasant group of which to be a part.

Contemporary: Another vocal group, which leads congregational singing at the earlier-time contemporary service, and might be thought of as the “Praise Singers” or a “pick-up choir” rehearses weekly September through May on a Thursday evening at 6:45 PM.  Although there are only a few mixed-voice adult singers in this group, it could include children who are old enough to enjoy contemporary Christian music, can read, and sing “on pitch” or “in tune.”

Instrumental: We have a percussionist (drummer) for the earlier-time contemporary service.  If you play an instrument reasonably well, you might want to consider sharing your God-given musical talent in this area, especially if you like contemporary Christian music.  There would be no limit on age, but a minimum playing ability of the instrument which the player would like to use.  There has been no regularly scheduled rehearsal time for this.  If there were to be at least a minimal amount of interest in this area, we could arrange some mutually convenient rehearsal time to try to get this “off the ground” and “spruce up” some sort of instrumental arrangements. If you have vocal and/or instrumental musical talents that you would like to share with us in a solo, duo, trio, etc. capacity as a “special selection,” please let us know what it is and at which service(s) you would like to participate.  The service(s) at which you would like to participate might be somewhat limited due to what is already planned for that service.  If you make your desires known, someone will contact you concerning the matter.

The musical ministry opportunities at Bethel Church, the later-time traditional service usually uses a “song leader.”  This is a person who leads the congregational hymn singing at a microphone from the front of the sanctuary.  If that area of opportunity appeals to you, please make your wishes known. These are the musical ministry opportunities that either exist and are currently “in place” or could easily be added.  If you have an interest in one or more of them, please contact Jim Matz or the main office for more details.